After the huge growth of ecommerce during the pandemic, it is predicted that another substantial increase in online sales will occur during the approaching holiday months. Worldwide selling in Q4 will be more crucial than ever as Amazon has recently taken over two additional European markets, Poland and Sweden. 

Christine Lippmann, Ecommerce Marketing Specialist at InterCultural Elements, gives her recommendations for global selling in Q4. The 6 steps below represent how retailers can triumph global competition through the Q4 period. 

Global selling in Q4 

  1. Concentrate on your bestsellers and optimise listings

Analyse what you sell and the market you sell in cautiously. It is important to ask yourself, which items have sold the best on which market place? In order to rank as high as possible on the search result pages, focus on your bestsellers and spend time developing them to match the exact needs of the respective marketplace. Only use these optimised listings to new marketplaces, while also taking into account the target audience of the particular country in addition to the cultural differences. 

  1. Adapt your product descriptions to fit the local audience

Local sellers tend to be more favourable to customers, despite the huge range of products available on the market. A perfectly localised product description can have a great impact on a customer’s purchasing decision. Buyers want to know that if they face a problem, they are able to speak to someone in their own language. This is even more important in a new market or with an unfamiliar brand, customers can instantly trust a seller with a flawless translated listing. 

  1. Increase visibility with the right marketing campaigns and enhanced brand content

It is crucial that your customers can easily find your products. Your best selling products should be clearly emphasised with marketing campaigns and magnified brand content. A lot of customers will start buying presents earlier this year due to the delivery delays associated with supply shortages. Take advantage of this by investing in marketing campaigns ahead of Black Friday, while costs are lower. As a result, by the time the holiday sales begin, you will already have lots of positive customer feedback which leads to better product rankings. 

  1. Understand your customers 

A plain sailing customer service experience ensures your account doesn’t become prone to suspension. A well looked after FAQ section is great for common problems a customer may face. Ensure they are kept up to date and you’ll see a significantly reduced inflow of queries from customers. It is recommended that if you outsource any customer concerns if they are in a language you can’t comprehend. A pay-as-you-go service is a cost effective way of providing a multilingual customer service experience to your customers. However, make sure you contact them as soon as you can as capacity may be limited during the busy holiday season. 

  1. Keep your Amazon account healthy

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the occurrence of random account suspensions have become increasingly prevalent. Reasons have previously included: alleged multiple accounts, algorithm errors to hack attacks, sometimes the seller isn’t even at fault. Therefore, you should focus your efforts on things that you are able to control. For example, keep track of your performance figures, keep an eye on notifications or alerts and brush aside the importance of review ratings and delivery issues. Due to the fact that many sellers don’t value the importance of their account health, InterCultural Elements, a cross border trade service provider, has started offering a customised account health check service which involves regular checks every day. Their subscription plans even include account suspension appeals. 

  1. Get professional help in case of multilingual account suspension

An suspended account, especially during the busy selling period, can cause a lot of frustration as well as serious damage to your business. The only way you will be able to get back to selling your products online quickly is through a professional appeal written in the language the marketplace understands in line with Amazon’s specific guidelines and regulations. Don’t try complaints, pleas or threats as they will not work. It is worth your while investing in professional help from e-commerce experts who have experience in assisting in difficult appeals. They can help you get your account back quickly as every day that goes by without you selling costs you money, especially during the crucial holiday months. 

Intercultural Elements, an e-commerce expansion service, have been producing customisable international expansion strategies for retailers since 2007. The provider, based in Germany, recognises successful countries and marketplaces to target and offers multiple services such as multilingual customer service, translation, localisation and digital marketing. Not only this, but they also have an Amazon Suspension Appeal service and account health checks in multiple languages.