Welcome to the start of an exciting new venture for those involved in eCommerce, you may be reading this because you’re going mad trying to decide on products, brands, segments to operate in and just need a friend in the know!

A lot of members have paid for a course from a specialist which tells you how to follow a procedure NOT how to be successful – we can tell you how to succeed.

You’re at the very start of your adventure How does it ever get profitable? You have an issue that needs solving immediately. You want to import but what from where and how? Best way to get your orders to customers Curious about new platforms and how to maximise them You’re lonely running your business. It can be hard to get clear logical advice as so much (expensive) fluff surrounds everything these days but at the club, we will support you and make it as easy to understand as possible. My name is Dave and I have wanted to start a supportive growth club for online sellers for a while now,  but since Covid, the e-commerce sector has grown 3 years in 5 months it’s a very busy time – an ideal time for the eCommerce club! My background prior to eCommerce was in high-level business and mainly in sales and marketing, from 1997 I started selling online alongside my 9 – 5 job. I built up and then sold the online business in 2015 as I could see demand for an honest and open eCommerce agency, the agency has been amazingly successful enabling me to start the eCommerce club. Alongside the club we are starting an eCommerce project myself that will be exactly the same as any member starting from scratch, I will document what we are doing and why and the inevitable mistakes so we can avoid them as much as possible. Exciting times.

Why a Club and Not a Course?

Your e-commerce journey in business is a long-term gig, a course hits you with the entire journey in a relatively short space of time leaving you feeling pressured and under a huge amount of stress (I have found). Often it’s at a significant cost and in a lot of cases is run by people who may only have a passing knowledge of the e-commerce front line. The club is ultra low cost to be associated with, it will have a great deal of included content that is easily accessible on demand. For those times when you need a little help, encouragement or a sanity check when you’re just not sure then you can get help from the club gurus via email, zoom, or phone at a reasonable extra cost. The club will have a closed FB page, YouTube channel (2021) and of course TikTok as well as the website and user forum.

From our questionnaire we know that the four most asked things are: How to Start Sourcing Products Amazon – FBA Building a Brand As such these are things we will cover first and as we are learning how to best connect with you guys we will ask for feedback so we can improve the service. We also plan to have masterclasses on Zoom where no more than 10 members will have a detailed explanation of the strategy and technique of subjects we know are important to you.

The website also features a members forum where experiences and issues can be shared in a self help (but moderated) facility, it will be very valuable and supportive.

When You Sign Up: Option 1 – £5 a month
When you go to sign up you will be offered a £5 a month subscription where £5 will be taken every month after a 3 month £15 initial charge, or Option 2 – £50 a year saving £10

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5pm Wednesday 24th May