It’s to no surprise that during the pandemic, the entire consumer population has been going crazy purchasing from their neverending list of things that they just don’t need. Amazon has of course been the pinnacle of selling points with its prime benefits and widespread range of items. Even Tik-Tokkers have been creating videos such as ‘things from Amazon you didn’t know you needed’ which is a top viral trend. Some might say the multinational company dominates the world. 

At last, Amazon has reacted to current issues surrounding Covid-19 and extended customer return windows. This applies to all orders purchased on the Amazon UK website that were shipped between October 2020 and January 31st 2021, which people now have until February 28th to return. 

The company has grown on the back of laser focused customer service as they’ll accept a return for practically any excuse for a refund. This isn’t exactly good news for FBA sellers for the same reason that it’s a major cost factor in selling on the platform. But it is their sandpit and they make the rules so what can you do?

To be honest, Christmas returns would have been requested by now so it’s not the biggest issue, but say worst case scenario you will get a few people asking to return something which you normally wouldn’t be needing to refund. Technically, it’s still your decision with the duration of the returns window, but to keep yourself looked upon favourably, we suggest you go along with it.