Have you got stock stuck at Amazon that is not selling but you do not want to pay to get it back?

Amazon need more room in their warehouses, to get us to help them they have decided to waive the removal fee for removal orders between today 7th May and midnight on 20th May.

This might be:

  • Excess inventory for a slow seller.
  • Inventory that has hit the long-term storage fee threshold.
  • Unfulfillable inventory which needs repackaging.
  • Stranded inventory with deactivated listings for violations.
  • Anything that you want back but did not want to pay to get it!

Just keep in mind the new restock limits that have been put in place, if you need a lot of inventory to keep up with orders then you are probably best leaving it where it is.

Removing Inventory:

  • Manage Inventory
  • Select products from your inventory.
  • Click ‘Action On’ dropdown
  • Choose ‘create removal order’.
  • Check delivery address.
  • Enter quantity you want to remove.
  • Review and confirm.

Allow around 14 days for your stock to be returned to you.

It is not often we get something free from Amazon so take advantage of it while you can.