You may think that selling clothes on Amazon is oh so simple and self-explanatory, but the site has constantly changing and adapting rules which you need to stick to in order to progress as the best possible seller you can be.

Following the guidelines are a vital part of becoming a top seller because naturally Amazon will promote the items that are abiding by said rules and you can risk your products being quashed if you choose not to.

There’s potential in the fact that you’re a selling veteran and who has viewed the January guidelines already, but I can imagine that there’s a handful of you that aren’t quite as up-to-date. The new 2021 style guide is only 10 pages long, with the image guidelines being a whopping 41 pages of detail. Don’t be deceived, you may think you already know it all; but it’s worth keeping an eye out for the minute ingredients.

We have however produced a quick and easy guide outlining a few of the top tips that are mentioned in the Amazon guides themselves – you can find that here: The all new and important guide to selling clothes on Amazon. But for when you have a bit more time, you can find the official style guide here and the image guide here. It would be worth checking out the rules and regulations in more depth because it will help you thrive and make the best out of your business, but it is evident that a whole 41 pages might be a little time consuming when you’re in the middle of running some errands.