Amazon Prime Day 2023 has yet to have a date announced, however there are some important dates to put in your calendar if you’re a seller. 

All sellers need to have their Prime Day deals created by the 28th of April and Amazon are also recommending shipping your Prime Day inventory to US FBA warehouses by the 15th of June, doing this early covers potential logistics, weather, customs, or carrier issues.

Although these dates were announced for, UK and EU sellers should also expect a similar time frame.

As usual, Amazon hasn’t announced the exact date for Prime Day 2023, but we can expect it in mid-July for about 48 hours; however there is also no specific indication of how many days Prime Day will run over this year. There is also no sign yet on whether Amazon will repeat their strategy from last year of holding a second Prime Day in Autumn.

Amazon’s Top 3 Tips to prepare for Prime Day 2023:

1) Monitor the Deals Dashboard and ensure your Deals are not suppressed.

In the run-up before your deal is due to go live, it may go into a suppressed status due to stock, SKU, pricing, or compliance issues. Log into Seller Central, head to “Advertising,” and edit the sections highlighted in red for your suppressed deals to make them live again.

2) Do not change your price.

There is no need to change your price to the deal price, as we will automatically update based on the price you have submitted in Seller Central. If you change your current offer price, then the deal is at risk of becoming suppressed, as it may no longer meet the discount criteria required.

3) Perform quality checks on your Deals and the relevant SKUs.

Check the quality of your deals so that customers have a great experience discovering and shopping for your products. The image of your deal should be on a white background. Bullet points on the detail page should accurately reflect the product on sale. If you’re brand registered, check your A+ content, as this is a great way to share additional information about the brand or products.