Jarilo Design have been designing amazing high selling eBay stores for years,  if you’ve browsed around eBay there’s a good chance you’ve seen their name & stores around. Custom eBay designs working with over 5000 sellers.  

The offer we’re making is for an eBay design package @ £250 inc VAT for ECC members. eBay design is a long proven method for increasing sales, the logic isn’t rocket science. If you have a professional listing template a visitor is more likely to buy or click through to your other items, rather than clicking back to the search results.  

The template we’re including is our latest 4th generation with ECC members being among the first to receive it. We also include a classic eBay custom store design free of charge along with the billboard graphics that cater for the new store layouts rolling out in future. This ensures that when the time comes you’re ready to integrate your shop into the new eBay mobile app whenever that may be. 

The listing template can be used with all popular third party integrations such as M2E, WPLister and multi-channel systems such as Linn Works and Channel Grabber. Finally we also have the ability (again using our own software) to bulk revise existing items to apply a template to them, potentially saving a big headache.

 Mention the club to get the deal