There’s some good news for those who opted in to the eBay 15% + 5p final value fee promotion, the micropayments offer will continue for another 3 months until the 31st of March 2022.

If you previously opted in, then there’s nothing for you to do continue with the eBay 15% + 5p final value fee fees. However if you would like to revert to standard fees there is an option to opt out and you have until the 15th of January to do this. If you’re not already included in the programme then there isn’t an option to join it now.

For those that are unsure what all this is about, prior to eBay managed payments, PayPal micropayments offered an alternative fee structure for low cost transactions where the fixed fee represented an overly large proportion of the total cost of payments compared to the percentage. Those opting in to micropayments chose to accept a higher percentage fee in exchange for the lower 5p fixed fee (rather than 30p). The eBay 15% + 5p final value fee promotion largely replicates this with the main difference being it applies to every transaction on an account rather than being able to select to use the offer on a listing by listing basis.

In the run up to the end of the year there were plenty of complaints that the promotion was about to end and sellers thought they would be transitioned to the standard eBay payments fee traffic. These sellers will be relieved that the promotion extension (announced via email on the 30th December) will be continuing, although there are a few grumbles that leaving something so important until the last few days of the year doesn’t give much time for business planning.

So, good news if you were one of the ones concerned that you were going to lost micropayments – it’s there for you for another three months