eBay are changing shops as they were not very mobile friendly, the new ones integrate into the app.

Note you need to translate eBay language in that “ mandatory eBay Shop upgrade coming on the 31st of March 2021” means it might come on the 31st but in my experience it could be September ….. 2022 !! (you get my drift). You may have had the “shops are changing” email from eBay if so you’re on the fast track to change first.

Who does it concern:

Older shop owners who have paid for a custom design will lost it

Older shop owners who love their shop – it will change.

When anything eBay comes up I always ask the eBay shop Guru Chris from Jarilo Design who kindly advised on this.

eBay shop owners had a choice of classic or new shop design, so the new shop was mobile optimised. In February the classic option disappeared meaning it was a new shop style for everyone.

So as we understand now all shop fronts will be the same layout, you can change banners etc but same layout. 

Integration into the eBay app seems to be the main driver but it’s a bit patchy and the links are not so obvious, mobile navigation is not fit for purpose as it is now (hopefully it will change).


Mobile friendly and integrates with the eBay mobile app.

Improved display and offer options.

SEO (!) I can’t wait to see how that works.

I suggest either change your custom shop design and upgrade asap, or wait for eBay to automatically upgrade your Shop and customise within the new parameters later.

Remember this does not affect the listing page only the shop front / layout