eBay have announced a series of changes to their ‘Promoted Listings programme’ in order to provide their sellers ‘with a more complete view of the impact your ads have had on your business.’ 

According to this announcement, changes will include their definition of ‘a click’, how they report sales and how sellers are charged for their Promoted Listings campaigns. These changes, along with an update to their Marketing Programme terms, will take effect from the 30th March 2023. 

What’s Changing? 

eBay will be expanding their definition of ‘a click’ for standard and advanced ads to include interactions with new features and functionality of your ads, in order to make seller’s ads more engaging and helpful for buyers. Furthermore, as well as a buyer clicking through to your listings page, this will also include when buyers click on the heart icon to add an item to their wishlist from a promoted listing.

eBay will also be expanding what will qualify and be reported as an Attributed Sale for Promoted Listings Standard, to include buyers clicking on a standard ad and then purchasing any Promoted Listings Standard items within a 30 day period. 

Other features are set to be announced later on in the year, including certain amount optimisation features, such as dynamic bidding, which will be able to be managed through your account settings. 

What’s next? 

As a seller, no further action is needed for existing listings enrolled in Promotional Listings and these can be managed through your Advertising Dashboard, Seller hub or myeBay.

You can find the full update to their marketing terms here.