Data from Amazon FBA business acquirer Thrasio has found that books, CDs and vinyl are still big business for Amazon sellers with businesses turning over an average of £230K per month, however large appliances top the revenue list.

Thrasio analysed data from SmartScout on over 18,000 sellers to reveal the makeup of the UK’s booming e-commerce sector. The data reveals surprising patterns about which categories are bringing in revenue for sellers and which see the biggest competition. 

Large appliances top the list for average seller revenues

Amazon sellers in the Large Appliances category had the highest average monthly seller revenue (total category value divided by number of sellers), at £364k. 

Surprisingly, Books (£227K) is still one of the most lucrative categories for sellers, as is CDs & Vinyl (£234k), suggesting that those looking to spring up profitable revenue streams on the platform don’t always need to seek out new product lines or high-value goods.

The data also shows high-value categories like Automotive (£222k), Computers & Accessories (£111k) and Watches (£45k), were beaten out by the likes of clothing (£250k), Sports & Outdoors (£239k) and Pet Supplies (£234k).

Grocery sellers face the most competition online 

As more people turn to selling online either as a side hustle or primary business, the data suggests that there are sustainable revenues to be made across the marketplace, though competition is high.

Of the 27 categories analysed, five had more than 1,400 active GB-based sellers competing for sales. Grocery topped the list, with over 2,275 active sellers, followed by Beauty (2,103) and Home & Kitchen (1,724). 

Of the 27 Amazon categories analysed, more than 17 have an average seller revenue of £100,000 per month.