Amazon has announced that you can now link your Royal Mail account with Amazon Buy Shipping to ensure that you can access your negotiated rates directly on Amazon Buy Shipping.

They have outlined how you can set this up in three easy steps.

“To link your Royal Mail account with Amazon Buy Shipping, follow these steps:

1. Go to “Buy Shipping preferences” ( and select Royal Mail as your preferred carrier.

2. Click “Manage your carrier accounts” and enter the following information as it appears on your Royal Mail invoice.

– Royal Mail account number

– Business name registered with Royal Mail

– Posting location ID

– Seller address

– Postcode

– Phone number

– Email

3. Click “Submit.”

Your account status will display “Pending” on “Manage your Carrier accounts”. If the information matches your Royal Mail account details, the account status will turn “Active” within 1 to 2 business days. Your negotiated rates for your active Tracked 24, Tracked 48, and Royal Mail 24/48 services will also be available on Amazon Buy Shipping.”

More information is available at the following resources:


Manage your Royal Mail account:

Valid Tracking Rate (VTR):