Amazon has announced 2022 FBA fee Changes which will come into effect on the 31st of March. You will definitely want to make a note of these changes as they are not only an increase in prices for many but there are also some changes to some size and weight tiers that could have an additional impact on your costs.

Amazon describes the prices changes as ‘moderate’, pointing out that their cost has increased over the past two years. 

“Throughout the pandemic, we have worked to support you – postponing and keeping fee changes low, reducing or eliminating select fees like those for customer returns, and absorbing billions of dollars in increased costs on your behalf – all while making significant and necessary investments in people, technology, transportation, and infrastructure. As you’ve seen widely reported in the press and have likely experienced yourselves, costs are rising and we now need to make adjustments to this year’s fee structure in response. We will adjust our fees to partially offset the higher permanent operating costs we face going forward.

Starting March 31, 2022, certain selling fees will be adjusted in our Amazon Europe stores. Most referral fees will not change, and we are making only moderate increases to fulfillment fees. Review the detailed fee change pages below for more information.”

– Amazon

2022 FBA fee changes include new bands

As an example, currently, the service for a Large Envelope 960g is defined as ≤ 33 cm x 23 cm x 5 cm. From the 31st of March, this will become two bands – one for a Large Envelope ≤ 33 x 23 x 4 cm and a new Extra Large Envelope ≤ 33 x 23 x 6 cm. You’ll find similar bands added for parcels with additional weight tiers introduced.

Dimensional weight introduced

Amazon will also start to use the greater unit or dimensional weight to determine the weight tier of the product. This will impact you if you have very lightweight but large items. The dimensional weight in kilograms is calculated as (length x width x height cm3) divided by 5000. This change in itself could have a greater impact on your fees than the price rises or new bands, so take the time over the next two months to assess how the changes will impact you and which of your product set will be most impacted by dimensional weight measurement.

Small and Light

Amazon will also introduce three new size and weight tiers for Small and Light. These include extra-large envelope 225g, small parcel 150g and small parcel 400g. All other Small and Light size and weight tiers will remain the same.