Pinterest have announced that they will be starting a new third-party ad programme on the platform as the demand for shoppable content has grown within their community. Pinterest has chosen Amazon ads as their first partner for this programme moving forward. 

Pinterest have said that they hope the partnership will offer advertisers strong performance as well as bring more brands and relevant products to the platform, combined with the seamless buying experience users expect of Amazon.  

Pinterest brings over 463 million users to the platform every month, who are able to interact and collect ideas and inspiration from their wide range of imagery, with brands and products being a large part of this process.  Advertisers have come to realise the value of connecting these consumers to commercial products which match their inspiration.

CEO of Pinterest, Bill Ready has said how he hopes this partnership with Amazon will allow the platform to scale these efforts in meaningful ways, saying:  “This milestone partnership will add to the great brands already on the platform and provide more comprehensiveness, shoppability, and a best-in-class buying experience for users, along with greater performance for brands and advertisers. This aligns with our goal of making every Pin shoppable, so that we can enable as many users as possible to bring their dreams to life.

The third-party ad partnership will be a multi-quarter implementation, which Pinterest expects to begin later in 2023.

Sellers have been given a greater opportunity to reach their audiences with this partnership, if you are an Amazon seller who utilises Amazon ads then this is definitely good news. To track how you will be affected, you should check your advertising permissions in your account.

“Amazon Ads is delighted to partner with Pinterest and make it even easier for customers to discover and buy relevant products through shoppable content, while also providing differentiated value for brands.” – Paul Kotas, SVP, Amazon.