Printful, located in Wolverhampton and Lodz in Poland, has signed leases for 2 additional print on demand fulfillment centers. The continued expansion of Printful will create over 100 new jobs during the first year with a further 200,000 sq. ft. of fulfillment space. 

Printful has 8 in-house establishments globally, three in Europe (two in Latvia and one in Spain). The business has grown to a workforce of over 700 employees in Europe and over 1,800 worldwide. Due to the growing market, ecommerce and print on demand services such as Printful are able to continue scaling by adding two more facilities in Europe. 

Printful offers a range of services, including printing onto clothing, accessories and home decor. The designs are created by you and are listed on your online store or market place. Your orders are then sent to Printful who are responsible for printing as well as shipping the items to the consumer. The advantage of using print on demand services for your business is that your reach will be significantly more, due to the worldwide shipping, with the ability to offer over 300 custom products. If you’re a graphic designer, this is a great business opportunity, due to the ready made business model, compared to someone who wants to keep stock, print and ship themselves. Once the UK fulfillment center is up and running, it will allow shipping to UK customers to be even quicker. 

“We chose the UK as our next location because it’s the largest ecommerce market in Europe. Printful has a loyal and growing base of customers in the UK who have anticipated our UK expansion for a while and we’re thrilled to finally do it. Additionally, it will allow us to significantly shorten shipping times within the UK, making it easy to reach many new customers.”

– Davis Siksnans, CEO & Co-Founder, Printful

Printful are currently hiring and it is estimated that the additional fulfillment centers will be functioning by the end of the year.