Have you been on the lookout for a stock management service tailored for SMB’s? Well ProSKU WMS is exactly that. It’s a software-as-a-service application that provides optimum physical stock management and is extremely easy to use. Through managing your stock and storage space, ProSKU makes your operations highly efficient, allowing you to attain peak productivity.

WMS systems have always been used by larger organisations, but in this instance ProSKU brings all these benefits to a smaller, digestible level for your corporation. WMS increases efficiency by streamlining operations to raise productivity, save time and assist in reducing labour costs. Additionally, at pick and dispatch, errors will be dramatically reduced through secure, best practice, avoiding customer returns and failed deliveries.

Here’s a little functionality overview:

  • A secure web-based application
  • An Android warehouse task App
  • API functionality
  • Array of product handling options
  • Detailed reports
  • Flexible receiving options
  • Full warehouse location map
  • Numerous pick options
  • Product kitting options
  • Stock checking
  • Stock management
  • Third party charge module
  • Third party ownership


We all know it can be a hassle managing stock. Lucky for you, ProSKU provides you with the equipment to manage everything with ease. Direct picking, batch control and correct date rotation are guaranteed. Receipts will be processed in no time, space easily found and locations confirmed accurately to the finest detail. Additionally, all the verification you need can be personalised to your company with barcode scanning, thus establishing high levels of dispatch accuracy.

ProSKU integrates with most business solutions using its own application programming interface. Multi-channel solutions and web marketplaces can be directly connected to receive orders and update stock. Communicate to POD systems/logistics TMS, or integrate with accounts solutions for inventory and finance data. Furthermore, you can even call your courier system and tracking information and dispatch labels.

How it works

  • Receiving

A pre receipt or ad hoc recording is taken. Details are recorded via the handheld app or over a desktop. All essential stock data is noted. Barcoded media labels are produced. Marshal, Putaway or cross-dock systems are put in place

  • Putaway & Storage

Items are stored in relation to zone, block, column, level. Advanced stock placement rules are in place with autom or manual options. Employees use label scan instructions over the handheld app. Real time exception handling is coordinated.

  • Stock Management

Stock is rotated by BBE, FIFO. Serial numbers are recorded and batches are tracked. Stock levels and statuses are then altered. Internal stock is moved and detailed reporting conducted.

  • Order Assembly & Picking

Orders are received and managed. Selected picking waves are formed, which pick by cluster, bulk or single order. Handheld app is used to increase productivity and assist in finding pick media ID and labelling. Real-time exception handling occurs.

  • Dispatch

Dispatch quick-scan function is utilised. Orders are sorted for bulk pick and are scanned to pack process. Delivery notes are produced. Carrier integration is used to generate despatch labels.

Finding the right stock management service for a small company is never easy. Hopefully this article has given you a good insight into ProSKU VMS. Don’t be afraid to give this service a crack, it might be exactly what your company needs.