While the price of a 1st Class Stamp will rise 10p from the 4th of April, many parcel prices will be going down.

With these price reductions, if you normally pack up parcels over the weekend ready for shipment on a Monday then on the weekend starting Friday the 1st of April you would be advised to hold off purchasing your postage for most parcels until Monday the 4th.

New Royal Parcel Prices from 4th April

If you are posting a typical package up to 1kg, here is a sample of the new parcel prices. These prices are all based on you purchasing your postage online – if you buy stamps at the Post Office or have a business contract with Royal Mail then you’ll see different pricing.

Special Delivery by 1pm

Currently the parcel price for a 1kg Special Delivery by 1pm would cost you £8.85, from the 4th of April this drops to £8.45.

Small Parcel Tracked 24

The current cost for Tracked 24 for a small parcel is £5.46, from the 4th of April this drops to £5.45. But the band is expanded to include parcels up to 2kg instead of a limit of 1kg (previously 2kg parcels would cost £7.80 but will be £5.45).

Medium Parcel Tracked 48

The current cost for Tracked 48 for a small parcel is £7.26, from the 4th of April this drops to £6.35 and as with Tracked 24 the weight band covers parcels up to 2kg (as was previously the case for Tracked 24 parcel prices.

UK Standard

The cost for a 1kg small parcel sent 1st Class is currently £3.35. This changes to £3.95 but now includes parcels up to 2kg. A 1-2kg small parcel would previously have cost £5.07 so whilst it’ll cost more to post parcels up to 1kg there will be saving for heavier parcels.