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Shopify Flow rolling out to all Advanced plan merchants

Shopify has announced that they are rolling out Shopify Flow to all merchants on their Advanced plan with plans to offer its availability to other plans in the future.

Shopify Flow aims to give merchants more time for the important stuff like building their businesses by offering an automation solution that can simplify your day-to-day by putting complex, manual tasks on autopilot. Merchants can quickly create the custom automations that your business needs, so you can focus on the bigger picture.

Flow is based on a simple, no-code “trigger, condition, and action” format. This means a “trigger” is an event that Flow looks out for and which sets an automation in motion, a “condition” must then be met, and the “action” is the task that is completed when the condition is met. An example is set out below.

  • Trigger: An order is placed.
  • Condition: The order total must be $500 or more.
  • Action: The customer is tagged as a VIP in the system.

Shopify Flow in action

Inventory Management – Flow makes it easy to set up a workflow that hides, pauses, and republishes products, based on preset rules around quantity. For example if a product goes below 10 items left in stock, the workflow can attach a “low quantity” message to the item on your site, and then send a Slack notification to your fulfilment team to reorder the item.

Fraud Protection – Whether it’s cancelling an order with a suspicious address or blocking a known reseller, you can create a workflow that takes all that arduous work off your plate.

“Wait” actions – Shopify have also announced a new “wait” feature that merchants can enjoy. From waiting mere seconds to hide an item from your site, to delaying a full seven days before sending an upsell email, this option gives you complete control over not just the what, but the when.

Flow in the Admin – With the ability to run Flow automations from the Admin, you can now run workflows retroactively, giving you more flexibility and control over your business. For example, you can now complete tasks such as bulk cancelling orders that should not have been allowed.

Shopify launches new ‘Linkpop’ link in bio tool with built-in e-commerce features

Shopify has entered the “link in bio” market with the launch of a new tool called “Linkpop.” The new offering is aimed at creators and allows them to sell products directly from their Linkpop page. Creators and merchants can include important links on the page and also launch storefronts to sell directly on the platforms where they’re engaging with followers. Consumers can then browse a Shopify merchant’s selection of products and make purchases directly on Linkpop without having to leave the app they were using.

Merchants can set up an account, link it to their Shopify store and start adding shoppable links to the page. They can also add links to websites, articles, videos, playlists and more. Shoppable links automatically sync with a merchant’s product catalogue to feature all of the details that a customer will need before making a purchase. Once a merchant sets up an account, they can share up to 200 links on their Linkpop.

Linkpop also includes built-in analytics tools that merchants can use to better understand how customers are engaging with their page. They’ll be able to view metrics such as link clicks and unique visitors. Merchants can also customise different parts of their Linkpop page, including the background colour, logo, font and more. You can also upload photos to accompany specific links.

“Merchants and creators today are using multiple channels to engage with customers, and that number of touchpoints will only continue to grow,” Amir Kabbara, the director of product at Shopify, said in a statement. “With Linkpop, we’ve created a surface that unifies all links merchants post across social channels. What’s even better, we’ve made it a shoppable destination so it’s easy to purchase products directly on Linkpop, which is a win-win for merchants and buyers alike.”

The tool can be used by anyone whether or not they are a Shopify merchant. But, the shoppable links are only available to Shopify merchants. Shopify notes that creators who are just getting started and haven’t launched a business yet can use Linkpop to grow their audience and brand. Once they’re ready to launch their store on Shopify, they can then share products directly on their Linkpop page. Shopify hopes that Linkpop users will eventually want to create a Shopify storefront in order to enable purchases on their Linkpop.

Link in bio pages have become increasingly popular over the past few years. People use them in different ways, as some use them to link to their social media profiles, Spotify pages and YouTube channels, while others use them to link to their online stores.

Linktree, one of the more popular “link in bio” services, recently announced a $110 million all-equity round led by Index Ventures and Coatue Management. The raise valued Linktree at a whopping $1.3 billion. Late last year, the company launched a Shopify integration to give users a way to promote their businesses and products directly on its platform. The Shopify collaboration came a few months after Linktree partnered with PayPal to expand its recently launched “Commerce Links” tools for direct payment on Linktree.

Shopify has now launched a new tool to compete with Linktree directly. It’s also competing with the broader “link in bio” market, which includes Shorby,, Beacons and more.

SWIRL Announces Live Shopping Integration With Shopify

Vadodara (Gujarat) [India], February 9 (ANI/PRNewswire): Swirl announces integration with Shopify to enable live commerce.

Shopify sellers can now create shoppable videos and use live streaming to boost engagement and increase sales.

With the integration between Swirl and Shopify, sellers will be able to access all the benefits of video commerce that come with the platform while retaining complete control of their database, their payment gateway, and the customer experience.

Swirl for Shopify sellers

Shopify sellers can create immersive short videos, share with customers with a single link, and build a collection of shoppable content and video catalogues on their own storefronts. They can also engage with customers Live and answer questions and collect first party customer data and personal information through their Lead Capture tool.

Sellers will also get moderation features, real-time analytics and business intelligence on the performance of their video content and on the customer behaviour. Sellers retain control of their payment gateways, but with shoppable Swirl videos, their path-to-purchase is reduced significantly.

This integration comes with the following functions baked in:

White label URL

Carousel-style shoppable videos on any webpage

In-Video Add-to-Cart & Checkout

RSVP and calendar sync with reminders

Lead capture with authentication

Moderator Account

UTM parameter integration

Facebook/Google pixel integration

Branded video player design

The future of livestream shopping is here

The graph for livestream shopping has been soaring in countries like China over the last few years. According to a Forbes report, the Chinese eCommerce market is at $305 billion in 2021. In the United States it is $25Bn and along with-it other countries like India, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam are showing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 46.4%.

“Post pandemic, The world has shown a great affinity to video shopping and eCommerce and with the roll out of 5G globally, retail and D2C brands are realising the power of creating immersive phygital experiences on their own web assets that bridges the online-offline gap and reduces path-to-purchase” – Kaizad Hansotia, Founder & CEO SWIRL

Swirl and Shopify – a partnership built to last

With the integration of Swirl, Shopify merchants receive a full-stack live commerce solution that they can plug and play, with no need for tech investment or training. They can choose from one-to-many and one-to-one live shopping, and short shoppable videos.

What is Shopify? The basics…

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Why do you need a website?…

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The Ecommerce Club is designed to mentor members and enable collaboration between all parties. Not just help on your ecommerce journey but help on your business journey.

What is Shopify?

You may have heard of Shopify or seen it on a shopping cart page of an ecommerce site. It is an ecommerce platform that you can use to set up an online store. Shopify is all inclusive and involves a monthly subscription. You can sign up for the 14 day free trial to get the…

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Pinterest marketing: How to successfully promote your business on Pinterest

If you’ve mastered one social media platform, it’s an easy trap to believe you’ve pretty much conquered them all. There are a few overlapping best practices, after all, between sites like Facebook, Instagram, and even YouTube. And then Pinterest came along and threw a wrench in those plans. Pinterest is a popular and valuable channel…

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The Ecommerce Club is designed to mentor members and enable collaboration between all parties. Not just help on your ecommerce journey but help on your business journey.

Choosing a Shopify Theme?

Why do so many people love Shopify? In part due to its: affordabilityease of usescalabilitysecurity One stand-out reason many e-commerce store owners love Shopify is the flexibility it offers through Shopify themes. With thousands of paid and free themes available, you can create a unique e-commerce store that offers your customers a positive user experience…

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The Ecommerce Club is designed to mentor members and enable collaboration between all parties. Not just help on your ecommerce journey but help on your business journey.

Can I change my URL?

No. You can’t change your URL, because you use your URL to log in to your store and identify your account when you contact Shopify Support. If you want to change the domain that’s displayed to customers when they visit your online store first buy one and see the video guide below. After…

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The Ecommerce Club is designed to mentor members and enable collaboration between all parties. Not just help on your ecommerce journey but help on your business journey.

Shopify introduces in-app shopping on TikTok

With TikTok Shopping, Shopify is the first commerce platform to bring organic product discovery and shopping tabs to TikTok, helping creators and merchants deepen their relationships with consumers.

Social commerce represents one of the fastest growing channels for Shopify merchants, especially as more creators rely on these platforms to build their businesses. Today, in partnership with TikTok, Shopify is announcing a new way for entrepreneurs to reach consumers with TikTok Shopping. For the first time, Shopify merchants with a TikTok For Business account will soon be able to add a shopping tab to their TikTok profiles and sync their product catalogues to create a mini-storefront that links directly to their online store for checkout.

“I built my business on social media; it’s where my fans go first to look for what’s new from Kylie Cosmetics,” said Kylie Jenner. “I have so much fun creating TikTok videos, and I love sharing posts of my fans using the products. That’s why I’m excited for Kylie Cosmetics to be one of the first to let customers shop directly on our TikTok!”

“Creators are paving the way for a new kind of entrepreneurship where content, community, and commerce are key,” said Harley Finkelstein, President of Shopify. “By enabling new in-app shopping experiences and product discovery on TikTok for the first time, Shopify is powering the creator economy on one of the fastest-growing social and entertainment platforms in the world. We are excited to help this next generation of entrepreneurs connect with their audiences in more ways—and with TikTok as a visionary partner.”

Shopify and TikTok have also partnered to bring product links to Shopify merchants, which can be used to tag products in organic TikTok posts. The TikTok community can choose to shop directly from the merchant’s storefront or click a tagged product in a merchant’s TikTok video, which will take them to the merchant’s online store for checkout.

TikTok is one of the world’s fastest-growing entertainment platforms, with hundreds of millions of active users and, from February 2020 to February 2021, installs across Shopify’s social commerce channels increased by 76%. By more deeply integrating commerce with TikTok, Shopify is empowering merchants to reach consumers where they are.

“Our community has transformed shopping into an experience that’s rooted in discovery, connection, and entertainment, creating unparalleled opportunities for brands to capture consumers’ attention,” said Blake Chandlee, President, Global Business Solutions at TikTok. “TikTok is uniquely placed at the center of content and commerce, and these new solutions make it even easier for businesses of all sizes to create engaging content that drives consumers directly to the digital point of purchase. We’re thrilled to be expanding our partnership with Shopify and making TikTok more accessible than ever for their merchants.”

The TikTok Shopping pilot is currently available to Shopify merchants in the US and UK. A select group of merchants in Canada will participate in the pilot in the coming weeks, and the feature will roll out to additional regions in the coming months. Shopify merchants can request early access to the TikTok Shopping pilot via Shopify’s TikTok channel.

Is it time to upgrade your Shopify theme?

A lot can change in a year or 2, especially in e-commerce. Features can become outdated very quickly and what once seemed a modern feature is now a little underwhelming and “seen it all before”…much like the parallax effect, unfortunately! If you’ve been using the same theme for a year or more or experienced exponential…

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Shopify and TikTok strike a deal!

Two giants of the internet have been on a date and decided to produce an offspring. Anyone who’s anyone wanting to appeal to under 25`s (and this 50+ market who should know better) will want to get onto this new super channel. In a nutshell you can feed from Shopify to your BUSINESS TikTok just as you can with Shopify to Facebook / Instagram via an App. If you decide to participate, you will pay for advertising and would be able to track sales with a pixel much like Facebook and Instagram.

The app is highly automated and simple much like TikTok’s current interface, it will walk you through creating attractive video adverts even from your website stills.

It’s coming to Europe this year (hopefully before summer), and is worth including this channel in any Christmas run up plan.

The official release: 

This app allows you to create video ads, track results, and manage your orders all from within Shopify. Here are the key features available on the TikTok channel for Shopify:

  • Get Started with TikTok For Business – Easily create a new account, set up a payment method and quickly start running ads.
  • 1-Click Pixel Installation – The TikTok Pixel helps you track performance and is easy to implement. Once your account is connected you can install your pixel with just one click. No coding or developers required.
  • Promote Products on TikTok – Easily set up and track conversion campaigns within Shopify using the guided campaign creation tool.
  • Target Your Audience – With a mix of demographic, location, and behavioral options, you can adjust your targeting to be as broad or defined as you want.
  • Creative Made Simple – Our Video Generator tool helps you create TikTok-style videos in minutes. Simply upload product images or videos, and the tool does the rest – no video production expertise is required.
  • Optimize Marketing Campaigns – Quickly view a snapshot of your important campaign performance data on the reporting dashboard and gain an understanding of your conversion funnel, as well as identify opportunities to optimize your ads.
  • Free Ad Credit For Your First Campaign – Jump start your first campaign with a $300 free ad credit when you sign up for a new TikTok For Business account.