Posting regularly is vital to remain relevant to your audience and keep them engaged with your brand. It’s hard enough to keep on top of emails, let alone remembering to post up to 3 times a day! If you’re not doing it already, scheduling your post in bulk is the way forward in managing your social accounts, so we have put together 3 of our favourite social scheduling platforms to get you started.


Buffer is a simpler social media tool that provides means for you to schedule all of your social media posts simultaneously across multiple channels. There is a free version that allows you to connect up to 3 social media channels and up to 10 posts scheduled in advance, but you also have the option to upgrade to 100 posts in advance for just $15 per month. The free version is perfect if you’re posting once a day, but you may require the next level if you want to post more frequently and schedule up to 1 week in advance. You can adjust your captions depending on what channel you’re posting to (i.e removing hashtags from Facebook, or adjusting the number of characters for Twitter).

As well as the above, you can also analyze the results of each post with in-depth insights to optimise your schedule further so that you’re posting at the right times for when your audience is most engaged.


Tailwind is a little more visual than Buffer, as when you schedule your posts, it displays a preview of your feed – perfect for if you’re working towards a theme or posting pattern. It is used by over 700,000 brands worldwide including Shopify and is proven to be the perfect tool to help you create and organize smarter, more effective campaigns.

With the SmartSchedule feature, it takes away the “guessing” of when to post. It automatically picks the times when your audience is most engaged and plans your schedule around this, leaving you more time to perfect your hashtag strategy…or maybe not! Tailwind also boasts a powerful 1-click hashtag suggestion feature to get your posts discovered with the most advanced and intuitive engine available anywhere.


Visually plan, manage and & schedule your social media posts. Planoly is an official Instagram and Pinterest Partner, which means your account will never be in jeopardy. Interestingly, it was the first visual planner for Instagram! Built from a personal need, it is simple, clean and easy to use.

You can utilize the built-in feed preview to plan and design your feed if you’re using a posting pattern or theme, with an easy drag-and-drop feature to move things around to craft your profile to perfection! As well as scheduling your stories, basically automating your entire social media plan.

Planoly boasts a couple of useful addons, such as “Storiesedit”, where you can create your stories from a number of different templates provided, which allows you to stay inspired to keep posting regularly on your feed and stories.

So there you have it. These were our top 3 social media scheduling platforms which we recommend to help you save time and stick to a regular posting schedule with minimum effort.