Welcome to the beginning of an exciting project that’s extremely close to my heart.

Please give your feedback so we can fine tune the site more effectively.

These days we find ourselves in an ecommerce tornado caused by the current worldwide circumstances which we’re faced with. Now’s a time that can bring about opportunity and freedom, so when better to launch The E-commerce Club?

Many people are turning to eCommerce for a variety of reasons including limited work opportunities, re-evaluating priorities, or discovering the “next big thing”; so we’ve made our aim to try to help everyone as best we can. Our low cost and on-demand support will be perfect to help those starting up as well as well-seasoned veterans who might want an opinion on logistics, a new sales channel or a media platform.

A lot of new members have paid for a course of some sort from a specialist which tells you how to follow a procedure NOT how to be successful – we can tell you how to succeed.

With it still being early days and a totally new type of business for myself, I’m involving a small group of talented people to help me on this journey that we hope to craft into valuable support for your business.

The “club” is primarily a support mechanism for ecommerce related businesses and the people that work within them. It’s our intention to ultimately develop the site to cover all levels of user. We have “request a video” and feed

The main power behind this project will be the discourse forum. I strongly believe in members helping other members and as we demonstrated in a trial Q4 2020, this works spectacularly well. The private subscription Facebook group which we created reinforced the direction that we wished to take the club in and led to the commission of this website. 

Via the discourse forum, news alerts, feature comments and articles, we aim to offer value far beyond the modest monthly cost required to facilitate the club.

From my own experience of owning ecommerce businesses, I knew how hard it was for start ups and even established companies to find factual yet neutral information. 

So when Dan and I started our web marketing and creation agency in 2016 (I successfully exited in 2020) we were determined to be transparent. The issues which I found were that the solutions and strategy advised by even freelancers was based around that provider’s core skill set and not always about what suited the business best – there had to be a better way and the success of our agency confirmed it. 

Moving forward, I had the idea to offer a source of independent advice. It’s such a crowded market, so what would be of tangible help? I decided that the “club” would be the best way to deliver it. 

We are hopeful that it will be a holistic ecommerce conduit which will quickly grow to be an indexed and informative source of guidance. Software tools, suppliers, strategy, technique and good old experience will all be poured into the club site as it develops.

Please join in on the discourse forum, which can be an amazing help at all levels but like any living thing it thrives on being fed (by you).

Also appreciated is commenting on articles and the use of the feedback contact form to let us know ideas for content, what’s good and what’s not so good – we need to hear your thoughts so that we can properly bring about your success.

All that’s left to say is welcome to the club, we are really appreciative that you have found us and we can’t wait to help you build your business.

Dave & the team