From February 3rd, 2022, Whistl will be added to the list of Amazon-integrated carriers. With this integration, Amazon is further improving the customer’s ability to track their packages and help reduce buyer contacts, order defects, lost order costs, and protect you from A-to-Z guarantee claims. 

Effective February 3rd, 2022, if you are using Whistl for your merchant-fulfilled orders, you must provide valid tracking IDs by selecting ‘Whistl’ from the drop-down on the shipment confirm page on Seller Central. 

Amazon is giving users a 2-month grace period, from February 3rd 2022, to adjust to this change. During this grace period, you can select Whistl to add tracking information. However, it will not impact your VTR rate or program eligibility. 

Here is the stepwise guide for adding valid tracking for Whistl: 

During the dispatch-confirm process for every merchant-fulfilled shipment, you must provide:

  1. The carrier name: Whistl in this case
  2. The delivery service
  3. The tracking ID or unique parcel ID for shipments delivered sith a tracked delivery service. 

Enter the above information as soon as you hand over your package to the carrier, as it takes up to 72 hours for the VTR report and metric to reflect the tracking information changes. If you provide tracking or parcel IDs post-delivery, the shipment will be counted as a VTR defect. 

FAQ: I shipped a Whistl parcel via a 3rd party carrier such as Yodel. Which carrier should I select in the drop-down, Yodel or Whistl?

As you are shipping your parcels via Whistl, you should select Whistl as the carrier name from the drop-down, regardless of which 3rd party carrier is doing the final mile delivery to the customer. You should still select Whistl even if you have been given a 3rd party carrier tracking ID for your shipment, such as Yodel tracking number.