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    Brexit: What are the rules of origin?

    Post-Brexit, the UK have been made aware that trading, customs and duties are expected to have a slight twist with fees despite the Brexit free-trade deal. You can see more about the effects in our article ‘Brexit: How will this impact my business?’. But for now, I’m going to discuss the rules on goods that […]


    Amazon extends returns window

    It’s to no surprise that during the pandemic, the entire consumer population has been going crazy purchasing from their neverending list of things that they just don’t need. Amazon has of course been the pinnacle of selling points with its prime benefits and widespread range of items. Even Tik-Tokkers have been creating videos such as […]


    Klarna, Clearpay and others are set to face new regulations

    Sites such as Klarna and Clearpay have been set up to make shopping ‘easier’ by introducing post-payment plans. The concept is being constantly glamourized by social media influencers who encourage the use of the instalment plans that are an alternative to credit cards – supposedly preventing you from facing hidden fees or interest on payments. These types […]


    iOS14 Update: Is this the end of Facebook ads as we know it?

    Article credit to Velstar Shopify Plus Agency  Over the past few months, advertisers on Facebook have been made aware that changes are coming to Apple’s privacy policy in their next iOS 14 update that will mean iPhone users will be explicitly required to consent to app publishers being able to track them across their apps […]

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